Season 1 Episode #10: Special Holiday Edition

Happy Holidays and welcome to a special episode of the Moving Autism Forward podcast. We are so excited about sharing some important and hopefully encouraging holiday tips with you this week. In this episode, we are going to touch on many different topics and we flew through so many various parts of the holidays, from family gatherings to neighbors, to the overwhelming topic of food, to finding the perfect gift for a child with autism.


During this season we would love for you to share the podcast with a friend or family member, the easiest way to do that is to send them a link for iTunes they can go right in and listen and be encouraged. A huge thank you to those who have subscribed and left a review over the last few weeks. This is a huge part of us reaching more families with these simple and helpful interviews that will hopefully spur them on in their journey. If you haven’t had the chance to go and leave a review you can right here on iTunes! This will ensure that you never miss an episode and help us help more families along the way.


Before we get into the show, the autism journey is a challenge. But our kids are a CELEBRATION. Each year we like to take a little time out of the holiday hustle to celebrate the accomplishments our children with autism have made throughout the year. With autism, there is no small accomplishment and we want to help you celebrate one for your child. Whether it’s been trying a new food, becoming potty trained, speaking their first word or gaining an independent skill…we want to hear it. Please email a photo of your child along with a description of what you are celebrating and your child’s FIRST NAME to Then watch the TACA National Facebook page starting December 21st to see your child along with many others and celebrate our kids.




This week we have the privilege of having Janice Kern come back on the show to help us out with discussing the good, the overwhelming, and the heartwarming moments of the holidays. If you have not had a chance to meet Janice or to hear her other episodes, check those out here: Episode #1, Episode #7 (both are amazing and you will learn so much.)


We had so much fun recording this episode and even talk about what we thought would be important for listeners, be sure and listen all the way through to get every nugget of advice Janice gives.Okay let’s jump into this special episode, you are going to laugh, be inspired, and hopefully walk away with a few great tips that you can put into practice this holiday season! So grab a coffee, jump on the treadmill, or go for a walk outside and listen here!
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Show Notes: 


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Check out a local Coffee Talk in your area either before the holidays or for the New Year!



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Consider giving the gift of hope this season to help more families find hope in their journey. Click below for more details. 

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