Dr. Robert Naviaux Interview: Autism and Suramin 2023

One of the most promising autism treatment research projects, Suramin, is heading in the next phases. To learn more about Suramin please see our previous blogs on the topic (1.)

We recommend you sign up here on TACANow blog for updates or contact UCSD Naviaux lab here for updates on the latest steps in research: http://naviauxlab.ucsd.edu/ .

We greatly appreciate the Naviaux lab team great success on the next steps with Suramin and other important research.  We appreciate their hard work.


  1. Previous TACAnow Suramin blogs:

For parents of a child with autism needing support please see www.tacanow.org 

For information on Paxmedica, please see https://www.paxmedica.com/ 

2 thoughts on “Dr. Robert Naviaux Interview: Autism and Suramin 2023

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  1. Information on the potency of Suramin for autism healing is promising but not available. Parents of autistic children find it frustrating when a medication is not accessible despite its promising healing properties.

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