Season 1 Episode #11: Dr. Tracy Fritz, M.D.

Welcome to the last podcast of 2016! We hope that your family had a wonderful holiday season and you are gearing up for a fabulous New Year. At TACA we are grateful especially in this season for all of our partners, sponsors, volunteers, and families around the country that make helping families living with autism both easier every day and valuable for everyone involved. This week is our 2016 wrap up and we could not think of a better way to end the year than to be able to share this episode with you. We were so lucky to be able to sit down with Dr. Tracy Fritz at the National TACA Autism Conference just a few weeks ago to hear her story and explore the latest in her clinical practice.
Dr. Tracy Fritz received her M.D. from Tufts University School of Medicine and is board certified in Family Medicine. She has over a decade of experience practicing full-scope family medicine.  Dr. Fritz developed an interest in integrative medicine early in her career. This interest was catapulted into action when her daughter was diagnosed with ASD in 2009.
Dr. Tracy Frizt and her daughter, Louisa
You are going to love hearing her very personal story of living with autism and it will encourage every parent out there to hear her talk about the struggles of finding balance, peace, and rest in the midst of 1000 autism related demands. As with any parent, Dr. Fritz says many times that it is a journey and there are still hard days, but to have made such progress with her daughter and to have found real healing through her practice in St. Louis is pretty astounding.
Dr. Fritz also shared some practical takeaways for families that are living with autism so as to not be overwhelmed or lose heart in the journey. We also loved hearing her tell the journey she just recently took a few years ago along the path of healing for herself. There is no doubt that you are going to be encouraged by her stories and inspired to take some next steps for your child and yourself.
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And from our family to yours–
Happy New Year, 
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