Season 1 Episode #7 Janice Kern


Podcast (2)Welcome to Episode #7 of the Podcast! We are thrilled that you are here and we want you to know that our goal is to create an intentional dialogue with families around the country about real life, challenges, triumphs, best practices, and best therapies that exist today. It is our hope that we will be able to reach more families, spread hope in new ways and encourage all of you through the podcast! We interview a variety of different experts, family members and friends who share their unique experience with Autism and encourage all of us to think outside the box, push ourselves (even when we want to give up), and believe that anything is possible for our kids!

This episode is our first repeat guest experience! And honestly, we couldn’t think of anyone better to have back than Janice Kern! Janice is a rock star leader, friend, and cheerleader for so many families around the country. If you know Janice, well then you know–if you don’t know Janice you should come to our National TACA Autism Conference, just so you can meet her–it is worth it! If you missed Janice’s first time on the show, go back and listen to that 1st episode, you will love it!
This week we spent our time talking about a small, but rather significant part of the Autism journey–intentional conversation. What it looks like, what some hurdles are, ways we can get better and experiences that Janice has had along the way that is both hilarious and helpful for each of us! We promise you are going to laugh, you might even laugh until you cry in a few parts and certainly you will hear a few strategies that you can put into practice in your own home.
Remember that ski competition Janice was telling us about? Looks like it was a great success!
Here is the good news–if you find yourself saying that you owe Janice a ton of money after you finish listening, you are not alone and she assured us she would not charge us this time. However, just the thought of Janice taking our $ has us reevaluating how we communicate and speak!
Another fun adventure–Camp for Charlie!

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