By. Dr. Devin Houston, PhD. (Houston Enzymes Founder) The best manner in which to judge the credibility of any product, practice or methodology within a population is the test of time. Parents of children on the autism spectrum are skeptics at heart but usually willing to give something promising a chance to earn their continued…

Summertime Series: Part 4 Lunchtime

The key to making a GFCFSF lunch every day is to plan ahead. Use leftovers whenever possible and keep it simple. You can easily add fruit and veggies to round out a lunch.

Moving Autism Forward Podcast: Episode #7 Janice Kern

This episode is our first repeat guest experience! And honestly, we couldn’t think of anyone better to have back than Janice Kern! Janice is a rock star leader, friend, and cheerleader for so many families around the country. If you know Janice, well then you know–if you don’t know Janice you should come to our National TACA Autism Conference, just so you can meet her–it is worth it! If you missed Janice’s first time on the show, go back and listen to that 1st episode, you will love it!

Summertime Series: Part 3 Up and At ‘Em! Let’s Eat Breakfast

There will be a little trial and error with finding something your child likes for breakfast. If your daughter eats Lucky Charms every morning, there is nothing that can replace her favorite cereal that will taste remotely close to it so it’s better to carve out a new path and find some new breakfast options.

Law Enforcement & Autism: Understanding is Needed

Headlines regarding autism and law enforcement over the past months have been disturbing. In the last week, two headlines, in particular, grabbed the attention of any parent of a child with autism.

Moving Autism Forward Episode #6- Jana Roso, MSN, RN, CPNP

This week we will talk with Jana Roso, MSN, RN, CPNP and listen to her share how she found her way into biomedical treatments for children with autism, what the first thing she tells patients is and what she is learning and researching right now.

Summertime Series Part 2: Snacktime

Every family finds an increase in 2 things every summer: Laundry and the need for snacks. We might not be able to help with the laundry (sorry) but a few notes on snacks are in order. Let’s tackle gluten-free, casein-free, and soy-free snacks, and become pros!

Moving Autism Forward: Episode #5 Honey Rinicella

    Join us for the next episode of Moving Autism Forward Podcast with Team TACA. Featuring this week an interview with Pennsylvania leader Honey Rinicella. If you know Honey, then you know just how encouraging and impactful she has been in our community and if you have yet to meet her–well, get ready to…

Summertime Series Part 1: Drink Up

When the first day of school rolls around, won’t it be great if you can look back on some success? Or look back on lessons learned? Summer is a great time to try something new. But let’s start small. One thing you can try is the GFCF Diet for your child with autism. Why? You…

IACC is requesting public comment for their strategic plan

By Lisa Ackerman Here we go for the third installment of Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) Strategic Planning. Here is what the IACC is proposing: The IACC is requesting public comments to inform the development of the 2016 IACC Strategic Plan. The objectives in the IACC Strategic Plan were last revised in 2011, and the…

Study Suggests the Medical Nature of #Autism Leads to Early Mortality

  By Dr. Richard Frye, TACA Physician Advisory member   A recent study in The British Journal of Psychiatry examined mortality rates in 27,122 high and low functioning Swedish individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) between 1987-2009 and compared these to mortality rates to 2,672,185 randomly selected non-ASD individuals matched on gender, age and…

Moving Autism Forward Episode #4- Tracey Hengehold

Welcome to another episode of Autism: Hope in Action! This is an expansion of our intentional dialogue that we long to have with families around the country about the life, challenges, triumphs, best practices, and best therapies that exist today. It is our hope that we will be able to reach more families, spread hope in new…