Disparities in Intellectual Disability in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A call for the immediate need for more resource

Richard E Frye, MD, PhDAutism Discovery and Treatment Foundation, Phoenix AZRossignol Medical Center, Phoenix AZ A new publication in the journal Pediatrics examined the change in rates of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), particularly with respect to those with intellectual disability (Shenouda et al., 2023). This study was performed by examining data collected as part of... Continue Reading →

New study concludes: Intellectual disability in autism is not as common as once thought. Disparities in underserved communities need to be addressed.

By Josephine Shenouda, DrPH, MS, Emily Barrett, Ph.D., Amy L. Davidow, Ph.D., Kate Sidwell, BA, Cara Lescott, BA, William Halperin, MD, DrPH, MPH, Vincent M. B. Silenzio, MD, MPH, Walter Zahorodny, Ph.D. and editorial Lisa Ackerman A new study sharing important findings on intellectual disability (ID) in autism and disparities in underserved communities has been... Continue Reading →

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