Weekend Jumpstart Series Part 5: Naan Bread & Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Welcome back to the last of this series, featuring some amazing recipes and instructional videos that make it easy to follow along. As we draw closer and closer to Christmas there are usually two things that present a struggle to comply with the GFCFSF diet: Dessert and BREAD! Let’s all be honest with one another, these really are hard.  We know that along the journey diet changes can be challenging—but we also know how valuable the diet is for our kids. Diet research on the GFCF Diet showed 65% of children with autism improved on the diet. ¹ So let’s tackle these two big hurdles and have an enjoyable Holiday season.


Before we get to the recipes + videos, we would like to thank Autism Live and Well Amy for making this happen and of course the awesome Lisa Ackerman for bringing some practical, easy recipes into our lives.


So now take a few minutes, watch the video and try a new recipe this weekend. We think you are going to LOVE it! Post pictures on your social media and tag TACA in your picture and use the hashtag: #TalkAutismDiet 


Let’s talk about Bread first. Oh, how we love bread in America. We basically eat it as a staple of our diet, but it can be hard to perfect in the GFCFSF world, but fear not—we bring you a wonderful option for this December: 



Chocolate, Pudding, Desserts. All of these things feel like no no’s and things we must avoid at all costs. But we believe in living out of a mindset of abundance (Like Dr. Amen taught us to in our most recent podcast) so let’s have some chocolate pudding and enjoy this holiday season to the full!


We hope this series has encouraged you, given you tips for your family, and put new recipes in your rotation.


Have a wonderful weekend,

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