Suramin Research Status

By Lisa Ackerman

In 2020, one of the most promising autism treatment research projects, Suramin, is heading in the next phases. To learn more about Suramin please see our previous blogs on the topic (1.)

Dr. Naviaux reported in his TACA talk on October 20, 2019, “The UC San Diego Naviaux lab team had a great meeting with the FDA this summer.  They are very supportive of the Suramin trials.  The company making the new Suramin now thinks they will be able to launch the SAT2 trial in Spring 2021. Preparing for the SAT2 is a many-step process that is keeping dozens of dedicated people busy.  We are making steady progress.  Once we are within 6 months of an actual start date, I will be able to give a more precise estimate of when we will actually begin enrolling patients.”

The next steps for the Suramin SAT2 study is looking to be launched the Spring of 2021.

We recommend you sign up here on TACANow blog for updates or contact UCSD Naviaux lab for the updates on the latest steps in research here: .

We greatly appreciate the Naviaux lab team great success on the next steps with Suramin and we appreciate their hard work.


  1. Previous Suramin blogs by Gita Gupta:

UPDATED May 2020

35 thoughts on “Suramin Research Status

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    1. I hope you get an opportunity to read the three blogs on this topic. The research is moving forward.
      The lab has a link. You can ask them directly if there are issues. When I checked on May 6, 2020 there was none

      1. According to a documentary that shared “big pharma is standing in the way of Suramin because they can’t control any patent on it.”
        Is this the case?

      2. That is why we update this Nov 2019 blog on May 6, 2020. The research is on track according to plan. The primary researcher is accessible is you have questions. (Contact info is on this blog.)

      3. Is suramin something for the adult population born in the 90s and early 2000s or is this only for minors?

  1. How can these people be so incredibly slow moving forward with a 1 to 59 case load. Great they found a drug that works. Now get on the ball and use it!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I have a son (13) who was diagnosed by a child psychologist through Lifeway with a mild version of Autism at age 8. We weren’t entirely convinced of this diagnosis so we took him for further testing at a very good children’s hospital in our area. We were able to get in very quickly for evaluation because I suspected that Fragile X was a possibility and when I mentioned that condition they fast tracked us because they happened to be doing a study on Fragile X at the time. We actually got to meet with the director of their Autism center and have him interact with our son for almost 40 minutes. This doctor was convinced that our son did not have autism, but was ADHD with elements of OCD, some Turrets and Dislexia tendencies. When I listened to the presentation of Dr. Naviaux, my heart leapt inside as the main issues that my son has are communicative and verbal. He is a tender-hearted kid that is dripping with personality, but he is so frustrated and sad because there is an impenetrable barrier that so slows his ability to communicate and thereby to have good relationships. Is there any hope of enrolling my son in this study or another study of this nature using Suramin?

      1. Thanks for replying Lisa. I followed the link in the article to the lab, went to their contact page and sent an email. Hopefully they will reply. Thanks for your attention and help. I truly appreciate it.

  3. Hi Lisa
    My name is Nir and I from Israel, I follow your research
    I have a 2-year-old boy is autistic, how long can this study go on and on for treatment ??

  4. Like the poster on May 15th at 7:04am, I would like to enroll my son in any study regarding the use of Suramin. My autistic son is 20-yrs old and once had a rich vocabulary, but it has deteriorated to almost zero today. He has near zero social skills also. For these reasons he is deemed unemployable even though he is very smart and looks like a normal kid. Please point me in a direction if you can!!
    Guilford, CT

  5. I wonder, now that it is entering phase 2 trials, if it is possible to get access to this drug under the ‘right to try’ law. I did email the lab but haven’t heard back yet.

  6. Hi Lisa, is there anything standing in the way as of this current date to which adults on the ASD spectrum would be able to participate in the study? I have an adult nephew on the spectrum who could benefit. Thanks in advance.

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