Suramin Research Status

By Lisa Ackerman

In 2020, one of the most promising autism treatment research projects, Suramin, is heading in the next phases. To learn more about Suramin please see our previous blogs on the topic (1.)

Dr. Naviaux reported in his TACA talk on October 20, 2019, “The UC San Diego Naviaux lab team had a great meeting with the FDA this summer.  They are very supportive of the Suramin trials.  The company making the new Suramin now thinks they will be able to launch the SAT2 trial in 2020.  Once we are within 6 months of an actual start date, I will be able to give a more precise estimate of when we will actually begin enrolling patients.”

The next steps for the Suramin SAT2 study is looking to be launched the Fall of 2020.

To see one of Dr Naviaux’s lectures on Suramin, watch his video at a recent National TACA Autism Conference:

Sign up here on TACANow blog for updates or contact UCSD Naviaux lab here: .

We greatly appreciate the Naviaux lab team great success on the next steps with Suramin and we appreciate their hard work.


  1. Previous Suramin blogs by Gita Gupta:
  • Other Naviaux research in progress:

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