What I Am Thankful For (2019 Edition)

By Lisa Ackerman

I LOVE November!  For me, this time of year is especially meaningful, not only for the opportunity it gives me to express my gratitude, but also because it marks an important milestone for TACA. 

Writing this during the month of November has me grateful for a few things:  It’s Thanksgiving (I love any excuse to get together with my family and cook for them), we are seeing kids making progress, families are getting the support they need, and it’s the anniversary of the very first TACA meeting!  In fact, this coming year, TACA will be turning 20.  I can’t believe how fast the past 20 years have gone.  There is a lot to be thankful for in this huge milestone (we will share more about our 20th year and how we’re going to acknowledge this anniversary in January 2020).

As I wrap 2019 up, it is important to say, “Thank You”, to some pretty great people:

  • TACA volunteers and staff. You are incredible and tireless, always looking to help others learn more about autism, and spread our message of hope. These superheroes truly are The Autism Community in Action!
  • TACA’s Board, Ambassadors, and Committees for their incredible support and deep compassion for the organization’s mission.
  • OUR SUPPORTERS! Without TACA donors, we would be lost. This is a giving group of friends that are driven to keep TACA here as long as we are needed.  Saying thank you is not big enough.
  • Our stars: the families TACA serves and their children. Thank you so much for caring, driving answers, and for sharing your stories of healing and treatment (1).  I am in awe of your strength and courage to continue to strive for the best possible outcomes for your children. Thank you for working so hard.
  • Lastly, I must thank my family for always being by my side. I am the luckiest wife, mom, grandma, sister, and daughter in the world.  Words will never describe my gratitude to you. 

At TACA, our focus is for families living with autism today, not tomorrow. Tools that help, guidance that leads to answers, and a community that helps you navigate the journey with a multitude of caring families like yours.  Nothing else matters at TACA except for the families we serve and the 600 new families who find us each month, needing our help.

As a reminder, we have two tools that will help you survive and succeed this holiday season:

  1. Looking for tips on how to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday?  You can find some here.
  2. How about a recipe that will impress your guests, as well as keep your family healthy while dodging common allergens?

Wishing you a wonderful, safe, and fun Thanksgiving!




  1. Family Stories: 2018 Celebrations, 2017 Celebrations, 2016 Celebrations, 2015 Celebrations, 2014 Celebrations, 2013 Celebrations, 2012 Celebrations, and more.

8 thoughts on “What I Am Thankful For (2019 Edition)

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  1. Love this! Happy Thanksgiving!!

    On Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 7:58 AM Moving Autism Forward by Team TACA wrote:

    > Lisa Ackerman posted: ” By Lisa Ackerman I LOVE November! For me, this > time of year is especially meaningful, not only for the opportunity it > gives me to express my gratitude, but also because it marks an important > milestone for TACA. Writing this during the ” >

  2. And Lisa, we are so thankful for you! You are always there with words or encouragement or a digestive enzyme (when there has been a dietary infraction). Thank you for all of your hard work, passion and support for all of our families!

  3. Two decades ago i had the pleasure of meeting you as we listened to the presenters of Bernie Rimlamd’s group. Your son and my daughter are the same age – and we both were determined to improve the odds for our kids. Thankfully your vision was really “our kids”!

    You’re tireless and generous spirit is something many of of are forever thankful for! So thank you Lisa and the incredible “family” you have made for the benefit of us!

  4. Thank you TACA for changing my life with autism. I am thankful to my TACA mentor who connected me to the right doctors. I am thankful for all TACA staff and volunteers who hosted TACA online groups/conferences that share all the valuable information. My son is not cured but he is on steady progress. Our family start to heal too. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  5. Dearest Lisa
    I am not sure if you know how thankful all of us are for you…and your staff!!!
    We don’t feel so alone, scared and confused because of this wonderful
    Community. 15 years ago our Shawn ( now 18),
    was diagnosed.
    TACA was our foundation even then. Meeting in the back room of a church. Even then it was life for our family.
    Dr Jerry became our Doctor, now Dr Ingles. May God continue to bless
    You abundantly
    As you spread hope!
    The Millers

  6. It is great to see your face after so many years when we and our founder Dr Negrón used to see you a the ARI (former DAN) conferences.
    We are down here in Venezuela, and we do appreciate all that you do, because your information, talks and summits help us educate our doctors here even if you do not believe.

    Thanks for the great work and the change of name

    Hope to keep in touch

    María Russo de Lahoud
    President here at Venezuelan Society for Autistic Children and Adults

  7. 12 years ago this month, we started our recovery journey. With 4 on the Spectrum, the house was in total upheaval. 12 years later I sit in a peaceful house listening to my kids interact and play games together. I am so very thankful for the people that The Lord has brought along side us. We have met some amazing people. I am thankful for my TACA moms. Without them, I am not sure I would be sitting here today. It has been the hardest thing ever, but I would not change the person I am.

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