Suramin Research Status

By Lisa Ackerman In 2020, one of the most promising autism treatment research projects, Suramin, is heading in the next phases. To learn more about Suramin please see our previous blogs on the topic (1.) Dr. Naviaux reported in his TACA talk on October 20, 2019, “The UC San Diego Naviaux lab team had a... Continue Reading →

Meet Me at the National TACA #Autism Conference

  Janice Kern TACA National Conference Coordinator   TACA hosts events every week somewhere in the country. There are coffee talks, family picnics, TACA Meetings, Autism Learning Seminars, Family Hikes, TACA Birthday Parties and the list goes on. It’s a fact that TACA has some of the most creative volunteers you’ll ever meet. If they... Continue Reading →

Quinn’s Trip Through Hell & Back

By Holly Riley TACA Co-coordinator Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley   In May of 2005 at the age of two, my son, Quinn, was diagnosed with autism. We didn't know if he would ever speak. For that matter, we didn't know if he would ever do anything but tantrum, cover his ears and spin things in... Continue Reading →

Science and Subtypes in Autism

By Lisa Ackerman There is some incredible new research on autism and treatable, co-morbid conditions being released on a regular basis. This week, a new study has demonstrated strong results in emerging autism subtypes. I love seeing this new research! It gives me great comfort to know that more research on autism treatments has been... Continue Reading →

Do you know someone with autism?

By Lisa Ackerman Part of my efforts at TACA is building autism awareness. This effort includes visiting and speaking to many businesses and professional organizations (such as Rotary and other clubs.) When I go to speak (about 3-6 times a month), rarely do I find a person NOT touched by autism. You can always find... Continue Reading →


CHANGE THE WORLD!  Two years ago my husband Glen helped launch a pet project, the TACA Autism Youth Ambassadors (AYA).  Spending time with these inspirational young leaders has since become one of our favorite things to do. I have had the great fortune to speak at several club meetings.  The Youth Ambassadors bring such positive... Continue Reading →

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