The DSM-5 Nightmare


By Lisa Ackerman

Since 2011, TACA has been warning families about changes proposed to the diagnostic guide used to detect autism (formerly known as the DSM-IV).  The DSM-5 is the Fifth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders released at the American Psychiatric Association’s Annual Meeting in May 2013.  This is a list of all the articles we’ve published since we heard of this change:

A Physician’s Perspective on the Proposed DSM-5 Autism Diagnostic Criteria

Diagnostic Criteria Changes: What your family needs to know

DSM-V Goes Forward: Major shift in diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder approved

DSM-5 Last call to action

 We rang the first warning bell in all the autism community in December 2011:

We participated on sub committees to provide feedback.  We asked for a call to action for all parents living with autism so they could voice their opinion.

Sadly, the DSM-5 is a reality.  Thanks to Holly at TACA, we have a new article that outlines issues on its implementation for families.   We encourage you to please read it and share:  The Controversial DSM-5 has been released:  How to safeguard your child’s services:

The autism community already faces so many challenges.  The announcement of DSM-5 is yet another kick to the gut and a serious hurdle for many families.

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  1. i have always believed that until there is genetic or scientific dianostic criteria, the diagnosis of autism will always be at the hand of the observer. Being subjective, you can can and oftern recieive several interpretations and diagnosis. I felt that this DSM 5 would be an issue from the beginning especially with insurances and services. It leaves a lot of room for not meeting medical or behavioral criteria. My son wasnt diagnosed until he was 12, although he had all symptoms they overlapped with some atypical pediatric findings but that would tipacally outgrow. The laws and educational systems and well as healthcare.. need to start recognizing autism as well as mental health so that our children can become the best possible and productive citizens. It is ther right,.. and the burden of care, which parents face, need to be recognized.

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