Being a friend to someone with special needs

  By Lisa Ackerman Everybody needs a friend. Children with special needs such as autism, learning delays, and other disabilities can struggle finding friends who are patient, friendly and open minded. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 1 in every 6 school-aged children has a neurological condition. 1 in every 88 or 1... Continue Reading →

Functional Medicine goes mainstream

By Lisa Ackerman You cannot go a day without a healthcare story being featured in the news.  The Affordable Care Act, chronic health issues and access to health care have grown into one of the largest issues in American households. In the autism community, we are aware of these issues all too well. For decades,... Continue Reading →

DSM-5, the fall out begins

By Holly Bortfeld TACA has been reporting on the potential effects that the proposed DSM-5 changes, which eliminated PDD, PDD-NOS, Asperger’s Syndrome, Childhood Disintegrative disorder and others, from the DSM since 20111. Now, we see the first tangible proof2 that the new diagnostic criteria will reduce the number of those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder... Continue Reading →

Rest in Peace Avonte

By Lisa Ackerman For months we have been watching and waiting receive a positive outcome for Avonte Oquendo. Avonte was last seen on October 4, 2013 when he left his school. He was non verbal and diagnosed with autism. Sadly, remains found this past week were identified to be Avonte’s. His remains were found 11... Continue Reading →

Top 2013 TACA Blogs

By Lisa Ackerman In 2013, the TACAnowblog has reached almost 125,000 readers. Not bad for a blog that has been in existence for two years. The archives of articles are pretty amazing and always available for your review. We appreciate the guest blogs from Drs. Bob Sears, Dan Rossignol, Richard Frye, David Berger, some great... Continue Reading →

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