Gladiator Tough

By Lisa Ackerman Late on a Saturday in April, I discovered there was dirt in places I've never expected to find it in. And for the first time in years, I'm not talking just about autism! On that fateful Saturday, I completed my second Gladiator Rock N Run. Let me just say I skew the... Continue Reading →


By Lisa Ackerman Dating? I never thought that this would ever be a title for a TACAnowblog. Somehow I knew the issue would come up some day, but how? First, I am so happy to share this story. I know that the window never closes for our kids. Intervention can help at any age (1.)... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Love

by Lisa Ackerman In honor of mothers day I searched for a poem to encapsulate the love we have for our kids. A popular and timeless poem describes a bit of how I feel on this journey. Perhaps you moms out there feel it too. You work so hard. You care so much. We are... Continue Reading →

It’s a marathon. Not a sprint.

I'm not an athlete. I never have been. Not even in my school days. Over the last 12 years I knew that I'd do just about anything for TACA. When the TACA development team (love Violette, Trang & Ana) brought the OC marathon to me in 2011 I laughed and quickly added don't ask me... Continue Reading →

The Big Time

Guest blogger: Janice Kern, TACA North Dakota Small town USA is a buzz in Spring with sports teams making it past district competitions, sectionals or regionals in order to make it to 'The Big Time' -- the State Tournament.  Where we live, believe it or not, we are now sending a third team to a... Continue Reading →

Oakley One Icon Magazine Features TACA

By Lisa Ackerman EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT FROM OAKLEY: Today, Oakley’s ONE ICON quarterly online magazine takes an in-depth look at Talk About Curing Autism, the issues faced by families living with Autism, and how friends of Oakley can get involved. This innovative media tool includes an article and video featured on iTunes. Autism is widely misunderstood.... Continue Reading →

Beware of false pessimism

By Lisa Ackerman When Temple Grandin’s life story was featured in a fantastic, academy award winning HBO movie the scene between the psychologist and Temple's mom Eustacia made me cry for two reasons (1.) For one, it's heartbreaking to hear the autism diagnosis followed by no cure, nothing you can do, and to consider institutionalization.... Continue Reading →

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