Picnic V.9.0!

By Lisa Ackerman Every year, I am full of excitement; it’s not Christmas or my birthday, but it is absolutely my favorite time of the year. It is PICNIC TIME! This event is my favorite event of the year. I am happy to share with you the 9th Annual Family Picnic on Sunday, June 10th... Continue Reading →

The Annual Cost of Autism

By Lisa Ackerman In May, new figures were released highlighting a huge increase in the annual costs of autism which have soared to $137 billion a year (1). This represents a three-fold increase within the last decade. If you ask “who pays for autism?” my answer would be everyone. We know many families living with... Continue Reading →

Breaking Down Barriers

Successful tips from successful families By Lisa Ackerman When you get the news that your child has an autism diagnosis it IS an overwhelming experience. I know, as I have been there. That is why TACA was born. I never wanted another family to feel the same way I did almost 13 years ago. Even... Continue Reading →

Gladiator Tough

By Lisa Ackerman Late on a Saturday in April, I discovered there was dirt in places I've never expected to find it in. And for the first time in years, I'm not talking just about autism! On that fateful Saturday, I completed my second Gladiator Rock N Run. Let me just say I skew the... Continue Reading →

TACA is matchautism.com?

By Lisa Ackerman Dating? I never thought that this would ever be a title for a TACAnowblog. Somehow I knew the issue would come up some day, but how? First, I am so happy to share this story. I know that the window never closes for our kids. Intervention can help at any age (1.)... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Love

by Lisa Ackerman In honor of mothers day I searched for a poem to encapsulate the love we have for our kids. A popular and timeless poem describes a bit of how I feel on this journey. Perhaps you moms out there feel it too. You work so hard. You care so much. We are... Continue Reading →

It’s a marathon. Not a sprint.

I'm not an athlete. I never have been. Not even in my school days. Over the last 12 years I knew that I'd do just about anything for TACA. When the TACA development team (love Violette, Trang & Ana) brought the OC marathon to me in 2011 I laughed and quickly added don't ask me... Continue Reading →

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