Oakley One Icon Magazine Features TACA

By Lisa Ackerman


Today, Oakley’s ONE ICON quarterly online magazine takes an in-depth look at Talk About Curing Autism, the issues faced by families living with Autism, and how friends of Oakley can get involved. This innovative media tool includes an article and video featured on iTunes.

Autism is widely misunderstood. Recognizing that awareness is key, Oakley hopes to shed light on the reality of life with Autism. Four TACA families graciously invited Oakley into their homes to share their stories and the result is a touching narrative of strength, hope, and community in which TACA plays a pivotal role.

To view this important effort to educate and personalize the mysterious disease that is Autism, encourage the families affected, and support TACA programs – please download the ONE ICON Magazine app on iTunes (Note: the online magazine is free at www.itunes.com or direct link http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/one-icon/id517358924?ls=1&mt=8)

This innovative online magazine is for viewing via iPad technology only. There is an article about TACA and a full video. To view the video, click on the Lisa Ackerman image in the online story.

Updated 4/26/2012
New link to read the article and watch the inspirational video on any computer – http://www.tacanow.org/miscellaneous/taca-oakley-sunglasses/


Not a day goes by that I don’t thank Oakley for all that they have done for TACA. You see, it is easy. I see Oakley everywhere. Their brand is prominent. Often, I see someone wearing the Oakley TACA branded glasses and start a conversation. They are proud to show off their glasses and talk about a person they love affected by autism.

Oakley has raised not only awareness for the important cause of autism but also raised much needed funds. They have helped in a great time of need during an economy where raising money for charitable causes is tough. TACA would be lost without Oakley.

Oakley has also made some great introductions to TACA. Those introductions included amazing athletes Ryan Getzlaf and Stephen Murray. See related blogs on this site (1 & 2).

In addition, this relationship is helping to build community with other Oakley served non profits (i.e. Stephen Murray and Livestrong.) We are networking together, helping, and learning from each other. Collaboration and sharing best practices saves TACA a lot of time. In these collaborations we are building community by helping each other.

Corporations like Oakley are a wonderful gift to TACA and the families we serve. Oakley brings a powerful influence to foster awareness and the visibility of autism, while also assisting in our mission to help a community in great need. We are so grateful for this support and for friends like Oakley.

What’s more is Oakley is much more about company and employee involvement not just awareness and funds raised. I cannot remember an event where we didn’t have a slew of Oakley volunteers smiling and eager to help TACA.

What we do know is consumers like to support a cause. If there are two similar products: one cause related and one not many Americans pick the product for a cause. In fact, 92% of Americans will be pick the product with the cause they care about over one that is not cause related (3.) Oakley sees the importance of cause marketing. In addition, they know what a difference it can make for causes in need. Causes like TACA and autism.

It turns out business and philanthropy DO mix.

Other related TACAnowblogs & references:

1) Stephen Murray https://tacanowblog.com/2011/08/18/inspiration-outside-autism-stephen-murray/

2) Ryan Getzlaf https://tacanowblog.com/2011/07/13/everyday-heroes/

3) CONE Report 2007

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