TACA announces new Autism Journey Guide for Teens & Adults

TACA has recently updated our Autism Journey Guide Volume 1 and ANNOUNCING Volume 2. Based on where families are on their journey, these two valuable guides are available to guide, support, inspire and empower the next positive steps for your child.

What Autism Journey Guide is right for your family?

Volume 1 – Early Childhood

For families with children ages 1 – 10

Volume 2 –Teens and Adults

For families with children 11 and into adulthood

These guides are written based on experiences with other TACA families, paraprofessionals, and considers some “best practices”, alternative ideas for treating autism both medically and via traditional therapies. Back in 2001, the original guide started out with 25 copied pages of articles, resources and information to the guide it is today. It continues to be a work in progress and information is constantly changing and items being added to this document.

The goal of this nearly 400-page guide is to provide you the parent with information, research, and parent input on where to start, what works for other families like yours, and important next steps on treating autism with the intent of recovering your child. While not all children who follow these steps recover from autism–many greatly improve their condition.

How Can You Get the Families with Autism Journey Guide?

Each year, TACA gives out thousands of Autism Journey Guides to families living with autism. We know what it means to have the information you need to ‘hit the ground running.’

This quote encapsulates how the TACA Autism Journey Guide has helped families:

“Thank you TACA. After my first TACA meeting I came home with a gift. It is the Autism Journey Guide. What a gift it is! I am reading it non-stop since I left the meeting. What an invaluable tool to help me son! Everything I need is in one place! Thank you TACA for creating and organizing the information I need.  I feel empowered and know my next steps to help my son to the road of recovery!”

                Mom to Jack

I want to thank our anonymous sponsor for making the printing of this guide happen. Thank you. We couldn’t have done it without your support.

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  1. Would love your new book on teens How would I purchase your new teen journey guide. My grandson whom I am raising is going through puberty. I need help! 14 years old non verbal no language. Thank you uS

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