GTX Corp and Talk About Curing Autism Partner to help families

 GPS Technology Enhances Quality of Life for Autism
due to wandering and safety issues

GTX Corp (OTCBB: GTXO), the leader in customizable, 2-way GPS tracking location based solutions has been granted another utility patent, adding to the company’s growing IP portfolio that includes 11 issued patents, 5 patents pending and 34 U.S. and 28 foreign patents under its license.  The multi-patented GPS technology platform will also soon serve as the foundation for products designed to help the millions of families affected by autism, as a result of a partnership between GTX Corp and Talk About Curing Autism (TACA).

This new Patent 8,154,401 B1 titled “System and Method for Communication with a Tracking Device” protects many of the vital communications with the GTX Corp backend processes that are currently being used daily by the Company’s licensed enterprise partners and consumers, enhancing the Company’s barriers to entry in the growing $13 billion location based services industry.  “This new patent has 30 claims, including 2 independent claims.  One of the independent claims is directed to a tracking device with remotely configurable settings and the other independent claim is directed to a method of communicating configuration data to a tracking device.  This patent further strengthens the Company’s already extensive IP portfolio and overall value,” said Larry E. Henneman, Jr., Registered U.S. Patent Attorney.

Continued technological innovation and partnerships such as the one between TACA and GTX Corp advances the reality that healthcare is no longer limited to what happens in the hospital.  Healthcare and safety is becoming integrated into our phones, our homes and even our clothing with the convergence of digital and medical technologies. “We are excited to partner with GTX Corp and to begin providing the thousands of families we work with, technical solutions for those diagnosed with autism who wander from their families. This partnership will address the serious safety concerns for the many families we serve,” stated Lisa Ackerman, TACA Founder.

“With our award winning multi-patented GPS Smart Shoe and patent-pending Alertag we have been at the forefront of connected health for years, providing new levels of functional oversight, security and peace of mind to a variety of audiences and needs,” commented Patrick Bertagna, CEO of GTX Corp. “We look forward to developing and bringing to market new, innovative products that both satisfy the ever-increasing consumer demand for location based solutions and that will help support the families challenged with a special needs child.”

Wandering is an enormous issue for the autism community. Recent research concludes that 48% of children diagnosed with autism wander and are susceptible to injury, death and other safety issues.  This partnership will offer families affected by autism a solution for helping track and potentially assist in keeping their loved one safe.

Recently analyst firm TNS said a majority of people around the world were now recognizing the value of sharing their location. Given the report, almost one fifth, or 19 percent, of the world’s mobile users are already using location based services, and more than three times that (62 percent) aspire to do so very soon. With the expectation of this market seeing sizable growth over the next few years GTX Corp is positioning itself well by continuing to build a strong intellectual property portfolio and expand its strategic relationships.

In addition to the GPS Technology Collaboration also includes the Code Amber Alertag

Code Amber Alertag is a discrete ID tag that fits on your keychain and provides access to vital life-saving information in case of an emergency.

Over 100,000 people die every year from preventable medical errors. That makes this the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. Over 90% of those errors could have been avoided if the EMT or doctor had quick and easy access to vital information about the patient when first treated.

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We are looking to identify test families for the GTX products. If you are interested please contact Please provide your name, phone, address, age of child and their diagnosis. Please also indicate how many times your child has wandered.

If you would like up to date information on where you can buy this product please contact We will add you to the list of pre-release information.

Code Amber Alert tag is available today – for more information please see

Together, our goal is to help families with serious issues such as wandering and safety.


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