Retard! Autistic!

By Lisa Ackerman As a parent of a teen diagnosed with autism nothing makes my skin crawl and me more upset then these words - especially together: Retard! Autistic! Especially in a mean, cruel statement. I am a child during the 1970's and the derogatory statements once commonplace plus more I don't wish to repeat... Continue Reading →

Autism Fairy

by Lisa Ackerman Like most folks, I receive a lot of mail. Some junk mail, bills, and many letters from families needing help. On a regular day there are 3-10 letters to review, refer and answer. This week was a special week. I received a handwritten letter addressed to me that contained something very special.... Continue Reading →

Ode to Joe & all dads

Guest blogger Charlie (age 10) doesn't let autism get in his way talking about his hero dad Joe. We will let him share his thoughts. Ode to Joe is to all dads. We love all the TACA super dads. We appreciate and love you. Happy Fathers Day! Write your ode to a special dad in... Continue Reading →

TACA’s Secret Weapon is YOU!

EDITORS NOTE: This was too good and we had to share. If you do not live in the beautiful State of Hawaii (ahhh... Hawaii!!!) please just insert your state name instead! The secret weapon of success lies in every family in every parent. The secret to success is within YOU. Let TACA help you find... Continue Reading →

Picnic V.9.0!

By Lisa Ackerman Every year, I am full of excitement; it’s not Christmas or my birthday, but it is absolutely my favorite time of the year. It is PICNIC TIME! This event is my favorite event of the year. I am happy to share with you the 9th Annual Family Picnic on Sunday, June 10th... Continue Reading →

The Annual Cost of Autism

By Lisa Ackerman In May, new figures were released highlighting a huge increase in the annual costs of autism which have soared to $137 billion a year (1). This represents a three-fold increase within the last decade. If you ask “who pays for autism?” my answer would be everyone. We know many families living with... Continue Reading →

Breaking Down Barriers

Successful tips from successful families By Lisa Ackerman When you get the news that your child has an autism diagnosis it IS an overwhelming experience. I know, as I have been there. That is why TACA was born. I never wanted another family to feel the same way I did almost 13 years ago. Even... Continue Reading →

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