Calling all Family and Friends for #AutismActionApril

By Lisa Ackerman


Yes, that means you! This is an “all hands on deck” to help families and you can help! It is time for the TACA Family & Friends campaign.


It is hard to believe how far we have come in the past 17 years. Wow, 17 years! (You can’t call me a quitter!) What began as a small group of families meeting in my living room has grown into a community of over 50,000, united in supporting families affected by autism. Much of the world around us has changed since TACA started, including the number of newly diagnosed children with autism; which 10 years ago was 1 in 500, today is 1 in 68.


Even 17 years later, every day I hear the heart-wrenching story of a family that is lost and struggling for hope. And just about as often, I hear from a family the strength, courage and sense of community that TACA has provided them. What is even better, the progress their children are making by having TACA in their corner.


Since I co-founded TACA, families have constantly asked me, “How can I help?” I always tell them the best thing they can do is to care for their families. Over the years, I’ve asked them to do one other thing – participate in the TACA Family & Friends Campaign. Tell their story. Ask their family and friends to support the organization that helps their family and pay it forward to help other families living with autism.


Today, I am writing to ask for your help. I would like to ask you to help support TACA through this year’s Family & Friends Campaign. The hundreds of new families that turn to us each month could not receive the help they need without the moral, financial and program support of the TACA community.


What does that mean? It means taking 5 minutes to set up a fundraising page, and then reaching out to your network of family and friends to raise awareness about autism and to help raise funds for TACA. In the 5 minutes, you can do a world of good for families affected by autism.


Our community has come through in so many amazing ways: we are using our voices to share the most important stories – ours. We are working hard to educate others on autism and we are raising much need funds to help TACA be here for the families who need us. The difference those funds have made for families is truly life changing and we could not do it without your help.


For inspiration, please check out these TACA Family & Friends pages – their stories and videos will lift you up:

Team Sophie in Connecticut:

Team Patrick in New York:

Team Jude in California: and Team Marley in North Carolina:

Together, we are making a difference in a positive way. For more information or to begin fundraising please visit us at: .


Please help support TACA and this campaign so that we can continue to provide 95% of our programs at no cost to those who can least afford them, our families. We can’t do this without you.

With gratitude,

Lisa Ackerman

TACA Co-Founder & Executive Director

PS If you have questions about the campaign or need help please call TACA at (949) 640-4401 or e-mail


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