#AutismSuperHeroes: A wish for a friend

  I was recently reading a post on Education.com. It was titled “Do Kids Need Friends?” The introduction really tore at my heart. It said: “Human beings are social beings. Responsiveness is built in; we come into the world programmed to respond and relate to others. Even infants turn their heads in response to the... Continue Reading →

What is #Autism and Why do I have it?

By Melody Benbow – TACA Co-coordinator New Jersey We knew one day Cal would ask this question, however, in my head I always thought I would be so much more prepared with an answer. Instead, I stumbled through my words and gave an answer I was not satisified with. So, I turned to some of the... Continue Reading →

Why support/give your money to TACA?

  By Christi O’Neal TACA Georgia Volunteer Co-coordinator   I love Friends and Family TACA Fundraising time of the year. It’s funny because I hate asking people for money. But I’ve found that by looking through old photos, like I did last year to thank people for their support, that it is like a little... Continue Reading →

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