Season 2 Episode #1: Dr. Nancy O’Hara

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Our Guest:

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This week we are honored to have Dr. Nancy O’Hara as our guest. Dr. O’Hara is a nationally known and sought after pediatrician out of Connecticut. She is actively involved in training and teaching the future generations of pediatric practitioners through her work in various organizations, including the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs. She serves on our board of medical advisors and has contributed greatly to our community at large. We loved being able to hear from her about the importance of starting small when addressing your child’s needs, what it looks like for a practitioner and patient/family to work as a team, and we think you are going to really appreciate her stories as she tells us all about some of the most impactful patients through the years.


Dr. O’Hara also gave us some great insight into some upcoming research. We have included all the links below. If you are wanting to learn more about Dr. O’Hara you can find her here: Center for Integrative Health 


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Dr. O’Hara Links:

Cell Danger Response by R.K. Naviaux

Dr. William Parker’s Research on Depleted Biomes

How Wolves Change Rivers Video

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