First National Housing Survey Results


By Lisa Ackerman

On November 13, 2013 Autism Speaks released their National Housing Survey Results. Ten thousand families and some individuals living with autism responded to the survey. The goal was to find more about the needs for individuals living with autism – what happens when these children become adults?

One urgent finding: “84% of caregivers reported that the individual with autism is currently living at home.”

This is the first survey done by Autism Speaks directed to families and individuals with autism.  It shares some staggering information and is very important for all families to read.

I know that right now families have trouble getting help to meet their needs. Many do not know how or where to get help in the future. As a society we are woefully under prepared for the large number of children who will soon to become adults and how to meet their needs.

My questions to families:   What are your child’s needs?  Are you prepared to meet those needs?  What happens to your children when you are no longer able to take care of them?

The future is coming. Are we ready?


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  1. My girl just turned 21 yesterday and I am scared to think of her future without me. IRC and her school keep telling me I need to think of her needs and wants. Basically telling me I should be open to placing her, so she can be with others like her and make friends. Not only does she have severe Autism, but she has moderate Mental Retardation, mild CP, PDD and is non-verbal. Mentally at a 5 yr old level.

    I am so lost and so very scared to think of someone else caring for her especially since she can’t tell me if something wrong happens.

    Lost and scared in Murrieta 😦

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