DSM-5, the fall out begins

By Holly Bortfeld TACA has been reporting on the potential effects that the proposed DSM-5 changes, which eliminated PDD, PDD-NOS, Asperger’s Syndrome, Childhood Disintegrative disorder and others, from the DSM since 20111. Now, we see the first tangible proof2 that the new diagnostic criteria will reduce the number of those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder... Continue Reading →

United we stand, divided we fall

By guest blogger: Ali Hoffman – TACA Volunteer Maryland The autism community is the most divided community in the world.  Some say it’s a disability, some say it’s an opportunity to celebrate diversity, and most say - that’s not my (child’s) autism.  What one group does to support families is viewed as offensive to another... Continue Reading →

First National Housing Survey Results

By Lisa Ackerman On November 13, 2013 Autism Speaks released their National Housing Survey Results. Ten thousand families and some individuals living with autism responded to the survey. The goal was to find more about the needs for individuals living with autism – what happens when these children become adults? One urgent finding: "84% of... Continue Reading →

Autism Speaks 2nd Annual National Conference

By Lisa Ackerman About 2 1/2 weeks ago, TACA's application to exhibit at the 2nd Annual National Autism Speaks conference was approved. I was excited and arranged travel to go. The conference had approximately 350 total in attendance at the Hilton in Columbus Ohio. The effort took place over two days. The attendees were made... Continue Reading →

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