Season 1 Episode #10: Special Holiday Edition

Happy Holidays and welcome to a special episode of the Moving Autism Forward podcast. We are so excited about sharing some important and hopefully encouraging holiday tips with you this week. In this episode, we are going to touch on many different topics and we flew through so many various parts of the holidays, from…

Weekend Jumpstart Series Part 5: Naan Bread & Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Welcome back to the last of this series, featuring some amazing recipes and instructional videos that make it easy to follow along. As we draw closer and closer to Christmas there are usually two things that present a struggle to comply with the GFCFSF diet: Dessert and BREAD! Let’s all be honest with one another, these really are hard. So let’s tackle these two big hurdles and have an enjoyable Holiday season.

Season 1 Episode #9: Dr. Daniel Amen, M.D.

This episode we are honored to welcome Dr. Daniel Amen, M.D. as our guest. We were so encouraged by his kindness, the specific way he encouraged caregivers in this episode, and the way he made challenging concepts easy to grasp. He spoke with us about his new book that just released “The Brain Warriors Way” and we even spoke about his children’s book to encourage sleep “Time for Bed, Sleepyhead” (Who couldn’t use a little help with that?). You are going to love all Dr. Amen shared and we hope that you find at least one takeaway that will benefit you and your family along your journey!

Season 1 Episode #8: Lisa Ackerman

Welcome back to another episode of the TACA podcast! We loved having the opportunity to sit with Lisa and hear the early stories about TACA when it was merely a dream in her heart, and maybe a last ditch effort to gather like-minded parents who were ready to fight for their kids. Lisa also shared with us some practical tools for when you are just getting started in your autism journey and some encouraging advice for when you think you might have hit your last wall.

TACA Halloween: Day of Tips and Tricks

Welcome to the last installment of the TACA Halloween series. Before we get into the Tips and tricks for Halloween Day, let’s go back and refresh: Part 1: Preparing for Halloween Filled with encouragement on everything from explaining the holiday to picking out the perfect costume. Part 2: Trick or Treat My Name is _________…

TACA Halloween Part 3: Allergy Friendly Goodie Bag Tips

Here are a few very useful links that we have found to help you in deciding exactly what treats your child can have! Whatever you choose—live it up, make it exciting. What you encourage as special, your child will see as special!

TACA’s Weekend Wrap-up

Happy weekend! In case you missed it this week on our social media pages, here are some highlights from the week: 1. TACA Hawaii Crossfit Feature: See how TACA Hawaii and a local CrossFit Gym worked together to #makeadifference in the lives of families in Hawaii! Find more information through TACA Hawaii and CrossFit HTF/Hi-Town 2- Dr. Ben…

TACA Halloween: Trick-or-Treat! My Name is ______

We want you to believe that anything is possible, with the right tools and encouragement. TACA has created a name card as a great way to help your child participate in trick-or-treating. Print this card and help your child practice handing it out in preparation for Halloween night.

Weekend Jumpstart Series Part 4: Baked Boats

Welcome, TACA family to week 4 of the Weekend Jumpstart Series! It is our hope that this series will encourage you, put new ideas in your kitchen tool box, and give you the inspiration to take the leap into diet changes for your family. We know that along the journey diet changes can be challenging—but we…

TACA Halloween: Preparing to Have Fun

Don’t let this be the scariest holiday of all! We hope that as you prepare for the holidays you are able to take some of these suggestions to heart and experience a FUN, Special holiday season with your family!

Weekend Jumpstart Series Part 3: Paleo Scones

Welcome to FALL! We hope there is a little breeze in the air, the leaves around you are turning beautiful colors, and you are getting into the swing of school schedules! Before we get deep into the fall how about we tackle a comfort food that will be a great treat for our kids throughout the fall and winter! SCONES! Who doesn’t love a good hot Scone? (Mom’s know it goes great with our morning fuel—COFFEE)

Weekend Jumpstart Series Part 2: Chicken Burritos

Welcome back to part 2 of this awesome recipe filled series! We would like to thank Autism Live and Well Amy for making this happen and of course the awesome Lisa Ackerman for bringing some practical, easy recipes into our lives! This week you will get to see how easy it can be to bring Mexican back into your GFCFSF home and still have fun, make it simple, and even prepare ahead of time if you want—and FREEZE it! Who doesn’t love that option?