TACA Halloween: Trick-or-Treat! My Name is ______

We want you to believe that anything is possible, with the right tools and encouragement. TACA has created a name card as a great way to help your child participate in trick-or-treating. Print this card and help your child practice handing it out in preparation for Halloween night.

Weekend Jumpstart Series Part 4: Baked Boats

Welcome, TACA family to week 4 of the Weekend Jumpstart Series! It is our hope that this series will encourage you, put new ideas in your kitchen tool box, and give you the inspiration to take the leap into diet changes for your family. We know that along the journey diet changes can be challenging—but we…

TACA Halloween: Preparing to Have Fun

Don’t let this be the scariest holiday of all! We hope that as you prepare for the holidays you are able to take some of these suggestions to heart and experience a FUN, Special holiday season with your family!

Weekend Jumpstart Series Part 3: Paleo Scones

Welcome to FALL! We hope there is a little breeze in the air, the leaves around you are turning beautiful colors, and you are getting into the swing of school schedules! Before we get deep into the fall how about we tackle a comfort food that will be a great treat for our kids throughout the fall and winter! SCONES! Who doesn’t love a good hot Scone? (Mom’s know it goes great with our morning fuel—COFFEE)

Weekend Jumpstart Series Part 2: Chicken Burritos

Welcome back to part 2 of this awesome recipe filled series! We would like to thank Autism Live and Well Amy for making this happen and of course the awesome Lisa Ackerman for bringing some practical, easy recipes into our lives! This week you will get to see how easy it can be to bring Mexican back into your GFCFSF home and still have fun, make it simple, and even prepare ahead of time if you want—and FREEZE it! Who doesn’t love that option?

Weekend Jumpstart Series Part 1: Fried Rice, No Rice!

As we begin the series of vlog’s (video blogs) that will focus on recipes geared towards our diet sensitive families—we want you to know that these are simple, easy, recipes. Our goal is to put new tools in your hands so that in each phase of your journey you are able to take on the next step with confidence!

Summertime Series Part 5: What’s for Dinner? 

We hope this 5 part series has helped you get your child eating healthier without gluten, casein or soy. Here’s why: Research on the GFCF Diet showed 65% of children with autism improved. Additionally, research on the GFCFSF (including Soy-free) Diet showed 91% improved. These odds are too good to ignore.   TACA’s got you…

National TACA Autism Conference

We know that TACA on your laptop, even on your iPhone is a great resource but up close and in person–it’s a life changer. We want you to experience the power of community, the strength of vendor resourcing, and the possibilities that emerge from standout lectures.


By. Dr. Devin Houston, PhD. (Houston Enzymes Founder) The best manner in which to judge the credibility of any product, practice or methodology within a population is the test of time. Parents of children on the autism spectrum are skeptics at heart but usually willing to give something promising a chance to earn their continued…

Summertime Series: Part 4 Lunchtime

The key to making a GFCFSF lunch every day is to plan ahead. Use leftovers whenever possible and keep it simple. You can easily add fruit and veggies to round out a lunch.

Moving Autism Forward Podcast: Episode #7 Janice Kern

This episode is our first repeat guest experience! And honestly, we couldn’t think of anyone better to have back than Janice Kern! Janice is a rock star leader, friend, and cheerleader for so many families around the country. If you know Janice, well then you know–if you don’t know Janice you should come to our National TACA Autism Conference, just so you can meet her–it is worth it! If you missed Janice’s first time on the show, go back and listen to that 1st episode, you will love it!

Summertime Series: Part 3 Up and At ‘Em! Let’s Eat Breakfast

There will be a little trial and error with finding something your child likes for breakfast. If your daughter eats Lucky Charms every morning, there is nothing that can replace her favorite cereal that will taste remotely close to it so it’s better to carve out a new path and find some new breakfast options.