The ripple effect post pandemic to special needs families

By Lisa Ackerman

I am a creature of habit. Sundays are my “spend as much time as you can in your PJ’s” days. It also includes watching morning TV and drinking cups of coffee before the house is awake. I still like watching Face the Nation although typically I continue my regular, futile one-way argument throwing insults at my TV for some of each episode.

My goal is to share what made my day versus receiving negative feedback. The front-page news of the day always seems to forget families living with children living with autism and other disabilities. I am happy to share the December 25th episode of Face the Nation has me pleasantly surprised and grateful with a mention of the most “under covered news of 2022.” 

It also always reminds me that until you have a child with special needs the issues just don’t hit your radar. It should.  1 in 44 U.S. children have an autism diagnosis and this number has nothing but increased. The tax-payer costs is billions of dollars each year with no solutions offered.

My goal is to continue to share what TACA families face and why you should care. This segment was worth a watch. It doesn’t cover the entire complexity of the issues families face but it at least the important issue got important airtime.

Truly it would be great to see this segment get shared far and wide.

The quote is available in the graphic below. Also, you can watch the segment at 45 minutes.

For the full transcript:

For more information on autism prevalence and the U.S. costs please see:

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