Navigating Autism Education Rights and Services During the COVID Pandemic

Families facing autism are experiencing unprecedented times with the lack of school, routine and services available to their children during the pandemic. TACA’s interview with Tim Adams, Esq. and Dana Crucil, BCBA, along with our blog of resources, provide the federal law and California based resources for families navigating education and therapeutic services during COVID.

We know so many families are struggling with the massive change in schedules, loss of services, regression, aggression, OCD, self-injury and other issues at this time. The information provided is not legal advice, but rather tips to help families by providing knowledge on the law and what is available.

There is no way to address all situations and unique needs in one short interview. Our goal is to provide information to help families navigate COVID-19 challenges and help their children obtain the services needed. 

Please note: Regional Center reference is specific to a California government resource and service provider.

Joining Lisa today are Tim Adams Esquire, President and CEO of Adams & Associates APLC, a disability rights law firm and Dana Crucil, Special Education Professor and Board-Certified Behavior Analyst of The Holistic BCBA. For full bio’s please visit here.

Information rich Power Point Tim Adams provided for our California families on special education in COVID-19 times:

For further resources, tips and support, please visit our website: 

We will do our best to answer and direct you to support. Please ask your questions below and a TACA staff member will help you.

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