Autism then STROKE

By guest blogger Chelsi Coate – long time TACA mom and volunteer   Christian is 11 and going into the fifth grade. He is kind, funny, sarcastic and charming. He loves anything that has to do with film making. He plans on attending his second film festival this year. He is also very skilled at... Continue Reading →

Overcoming a diagnosis of autism

By Lisa AckermanTwo remarkable videos were created this month by young women who have overcome their autism diagnosis.  Their families are so proud of them. I am deeply inspired by their stories, their willingness to share and desire to help others.Leya and Savine are both incredible.  There are more kids who were once diagnosed with... Continue Reading →

Music to Our Ears

By proud guest blogger awesome mom: Brandy Vaughn My daughter, Ryan, was born December 4, 2002.  Three and a half years later, she was diagnosed with autism. I became concerned about her development at age 2 ½, when she didn’t answer to her name, protested any demand placed on her, and was extremely tactile-defensive.  If we... Continue Reading →

Autism in Past Tense: Recovered. Really.

By Guest Blogger: Holly Riley In November I spent four whirlwind days at the Autism Research Institute’s conference in Las Vegas. This was not a vacation. The ARI conferences are intense and full of information, and I was volunteering as a Parent Mentor at the TACA booth and Coffee Talk meetings. So when I wasn’t... Continue Reading →

Meet Ethan & the concept of recovery

Sometimes somethings don't need a long description or introduction. Meet Ethan. He's in second grade. He used to have autism.   More recovery stories can be found on the TACA website:

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