Season 1 Episode #8: Lisa Ackerman

Welcome back to another episode of the TACA podcast! We are excited about this week and we are looking forward to a host of other interviews coming your way over the next few months. This is something that Team TACA has been working on for several weeks and we are thrilled to begin with new episodes TODAY!


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Here is a recent review that we were so thankful for @marinezmarchan says: “Love It. Beautiful, inspirational grateful to learn about autism and listening to different speakers and how #TACA impacts families across the country one family at a time.” Thank you so much for those encouraging words. We are working hard to make sure that the content we bring to the listeners is valuable and applicable to your journey.


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Here is a little about our special guest for this episode, Lisa Ackerman: Founder of TACA, Mother to Jeff, Superwoman, TACA families Head Cheerleader! If you know Lisa, then you know that these words describe her to the tee. If you do not know Lisa—you need to invest in getting to know her, her family’s story, and the amazing work that she has accomplished throughout her life. Her legacy will certainly be the lives and the families that have been changed because of her bravery and honesty! We couldn’t be more grateful for all Lisa does daily to make TACA happen and to ensure that resources, education, and HOPE spread around the country like a wildfire!


We loved having the opportunity to sit with Lisa and hear the early stories about TACA when it was merely a dream in her heart, and maybe a last ditch effort to gather like-minded parents who were ready to fight for their kids. We laughed along with her as we heard about their meetings and how the concept of chapters around the country began, there might have been hesitation at first and then a yes. Thank goodness she said YES!


Lisa also shared with us some practical tools for when you are just getting started in your autism journey and some encouraging advice for when you think you might have hit your last wall. (**Spoiler alert: She said it is okay to take a breather!) We were inspired as she began to share about the future of TACA and reminded to think about helping one family at a time. You are going to love this conversation and we promise it will be 30 minutes well worth your time.


10 families coming together 16 years ago…led to this picture of chapter leaders from around the country, just this past October at the National TACA Autism Conference.

So grab a coffee, jump on the treadmill, or go for a walk outside and listen here!


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