TACA Halloween: Trick-or-Treat! My Name is ______

Welcome to week 2 of our TACA Halloween series.


We want you to believe that anything is possible, with the right tools and encouragement. So if you missed last week’s tips for preparing for the big day, check it out here.


Before we go any further, meet some inspiration in the form of an 8-year-old… “Kicking Autism in the rear this year with Captain America – he wore his mask, costume, and pointed!” -Lea Googe, Texas Coordinator



1- TACA has created a name card as a great way to help your child participate in trick-or-treating. Print this card and help your child practice handing it out in preparation for Halloween night.

2- Take advantage of this opportunity to meet your neighbors, introduce them to your child and create awareness should they ever see your child. There is nothing like good neighbors who are on your side!

3- Have Fun!

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