TACA’s Weekend Wrap-up

Happy weekend! In case you missed it this week on our social media pages, here are some highlights from the week:

1. TACA Hawaii Crossfit Feature: See how TACA Hawaii and a local CrossFit Gym worked together to #makeadifference in the lives of families in Hawaii!



Find more information through TACA Hawaii and CrossFit HTF/Hi-Town

2- Dr. Ben Lynch
If you missed Dr. Lynch’s Facebook Live, we strongly encourage you to check it out before the conference next week. He gave some powerful insights and set up the weekend so nicely for all those attending.

3. Soma Mukhopadhyay
Don’t miss out on this special speaker at this year’s TACA Conference.
“She never doubted that he could learn…so she fed him a healthy diet of knowledge”
She is going to inspire and encourage you, no matter where you are on your journey!workitwednesday_soma

4- My Name is_________ Card
As you start to prepare for Halloween we want to make sure you have this tool from TACA! Click the card and make as many copies as you need.
Well, that’s a wrap! Have a beautiful weekend, friends.
Hope to see you NEXT WEEK!

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