Weekend Jumpstart Series Part 2: Chicken Burritos

Welcome back to part 2 of this awesome recipe filled series! We would like to thank Autism Live and Well Amy for making this happen and of course the awesome Lisa Ackerman for bringing some practical, easy recipes into our lives! This week you will get to see how easy it can be to bring Mexican back into your GFCFSF home and still have fun, make it simple, and even prepare ahead of time if you want—and FREEZE it! Who doesn’t love that option?
So take a few minutes, watch the video and try a new recipe this week!! We think you are going to LOVE it! Post pictures on your social media and tag TACA in your picture and use the hashtag: #TalkAutismDiet 
Chicken Burritos
 2 cups organic shredded chicken (steak, or any preferred protein)
 1 to 1 ½ cup non-dairy Daiya “cheddar” cheese
 1 cup organic refried beans
 1/3 cup chopped mild chiles
 1/3 cup olives
 Udi’s tortillas – 6 pack
 ¼ cup Salsa
 1 large organic chopped tomato
 1 large chopped avocado
1) Preheat oven to 385 degrees.
2) Heat tortillas on both sides in oven or on your stovetop so they are very easy to load and fold
3) Fill tortillas with approximately 1 -2 tablespoons of refried beans, ½ teaspoon of mild chiles, ¼
cup of chicken, olives, salsa and Daiya cheese to taste.
4) Cook for 15 minutes. Top with tomato and avocado to serve
Yield: 6 burritos – freezes wonderfully!


Have a Beautiful Day, Friends, 


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