Summertime Series: Part 4 Lunchtime

Summer is a great time to try a new therapy or intervention for your child with autism. TACA’s Summertime Series is meant to help you ease into the GFCF (and SF) diet for your child with autism. Gluten-free, Casein-free, Soy-free.

If you’re keeping up with the blog series, you’ve likely changed what your child drinks each day, the snacks you carry around for outings and the breakfasts you’re making in the mornings. It’s time to make GFCF (and SF) LUNCH!Summertime SeriesPart 4- Lunch.png

Why? Research on the GFCF Diet showed 65% of children with autism improved. Additionally, research on the GFCFSF (including Soy-free) Diet showed 91% improved. These odds are too good to ignore. TACA likes helping families get started on changing their child’s diet to improve their overall health.¹

The key to making a GFCFSF lunch every day is to plan ahead. Use leftovers whenever possible and keep it simple. You can easily add fruit and veggies to round out a lunch.

A few family favorites for lunch are:

BAKED POTATOES: Stuffed Sweet Potato with a flair , Beet & Potatoes 

SOUPS: Turkey “Pot Pie” Soup25 Great Chicken Soup Options,

Maybe you cannot find a good Pizza make a Soup instead!

CHILI: Easy Chili, Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Chili 

TACOS: Great Breakdown of all things Tacos (without cheese), Black Bean Quesadillas

BONUS: 50 of the best Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker) Recipes


Put it on a stick! Meatballs, steak cubes, and more will look completely different to a child if they’re on a stick.

Roll it up. Wrap it up. Make it interesting.

If your child insists on sameness, could a visual schedule help him/her prepare for lunches out of the norm?

Offer choices.

Money-saving lunch options and menu ideas can help get you started:


A word on veggies – Give as many options as possible until you find a vegetable your child will eat. You will need to present it many times (not just once) for your child to be interested and eat it. Try raw, cooked, roasted and see if there’s a preference. Don’t worry, it won’t go to waste because you probably need to eat more veggies too! (TACA likes encouraging parents to be healthier)

Your child hates broccoli? NO problem. There are plenty of other options that are green!


It’s not easy but it can be worth it. Once you have your child following a GFCF (and SF) diet, keep it going for at least 9 months before determining if it’s helpful.² It can take several months for gluten to be completely removed from the body and for a child’s gut to start healing.

Have a beautiful week friends–



1- Why GFCFSF is Important

2- How to Document Changes

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