Where did the name “TACA” come from?

By Lisa Ackerman

When the very first TACA meeting was held in my living room in Huntington Beach, California almost 13 years ago, I had no idea where it would lead my family (1.)

The early days of our son’s diagnosis were frustrating. We spent countless hours researching, reading, talking – wasn’t there a better way? Wasn’t there SOMEONE who had already done the same research and found answers?

Fast forward to November 2000, our daughter Lauren (at the advanced age of 16) suggested to us that we start a parent support group. Both my husband and I felt somewhat unqualified, but we wanted the company of other families going through the same struggles. We hoped to share information regarding new research and treatment options.  We also wanted to build a community and be in the company of parents who would be passionate about autism education and awareness.  We have been on a mission ever since.

TACA began with a handful of families in 2000. During those early days, the meeting was called the “Lisa Ackerman Autism group.” That was a silly name, as it wasn’t about me.  It was about families looking for answers to help their children. We were a very active group of parents who wanted answers to better our kids’ lives.

In search for a better name, a mom named Holly, stepped up and said “We do a lot of talking. How about we call it Talk About Curing Autism!” There was a thunderous roar of applause and yells from the room of 60+ parents who felt it accurately described our group.  We were scared about what would happen to our kids once we passed on.  We wanted our children to live without pain, be able to sleep, communicate, make friends, learn, and live to their fullest potential.  We knew meaningful treatments and answers would come from families like ours.


In 2002 the name Talk About Curing Autism – TACA was born.  We have utilized that name ever since.  We had no idea the word “cure” would become so controversial and that some people didn’t want a cure.  For many families living with autism this is all we live, dream or think about. Our children need serious medical treatments.

Then, the time came to think about coming up with a logo. TACA needed something that would illustrate our purpose, so the “heart man” was born.  He represented two figures and two scenarios:

First:  a parent helping the child through the autism journey to be their support and their advocate.  Second:  a child going from needing much support, to becoming a healthy, grown and accomplished adult.

Taca people

This is the story behind our name. TACA was born from families helping families. It represented a better future for our children. We wanted them to receive the necessary medical care and therapies needed for an opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

We presently serve almost 33,000 families in the United States. We provide support via our Chapters in 19 states while also providing a virtual presence in the rest of the nation.

We know the future is not defined for many children affected by autism. Hope and recovery is possible.  We are witnesses every day. 


1)      https://www.tacanow.org/about-taca/history-accomplishments/

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  1. As a nutritionist researcher for more than five years, I have been very disappointed in those support groups who take the donations but have no or very little interest in ridding the world of autism. Most such groups no longer talk about curing autism but I have found none that show an interest in prevention. By the same token, I know of no parents that want their child to develop autism. My research has shown that nutritional deficiencies are the major cause for autism and avoiding these deficiencies offers the best opportunity for preventing it’s development. I would like to meet those who share my desire to prevent the development of autism and the related neurological disorders. At the same time, those with autism can be helped considerably with simple attention to dietary practices that provide adequately for proper brain health.

    1. HI Hrongey

      TACA has been around 13 years. Our diet section of the TACA website contains dozens of articles to help families with nutrition and navigating food allergies.
      I am glad you found TACA.

      There are two webinars coming up:
      What diets help what issues
      Prevention and autism

      For more info please see

      Again, I am glad you found TACA and hope we can help your family

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