Soup Nazi meets a soup nazi?

soup nazi and Lisa blindfolded

By Lisa Ackerman

At TACA, during the long hours some pretty funny things occasionally happen. Monday was definitely one of those fun days.

In April I wrote a blog called “No Soup for You” after the famous lines uttered by the iconic Soup Nazi from Seinfeld (1.)  The goal of the blog was to give a window in on a 13 year journey of dietary intervention. For some new families, they have no idea how long this diet last, does it look the same year after year and does it get easier on families?

As it turns out there are folks out there that read the TACAnowblog that are not living the autism journey like many TACA families.  Some readers are connected in a different way.

A friend forwarded my blog to Larry Thomas. Larry is the one and only Soup Nazi. We were featured together for a big surprise on the great daily autism show Autism Live (2.)

Check out the video:

Special thanks to Shannon Penrod and the folks at Autism Live for setting up a fun experience. I will treasure the day and the signed Soup Nazi ladle. That was a great time.



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