What am I thankful for?

By Lisa Ackerman During this time of the year you see a lot of people sharing what they are thankful for. I am no different. I like that this time of the year gives you an opportunity to say thank you to many important people in our lives: -          Thank you to our TACA chapters,... Continue Reading →

Picnic V.10.0!

By Lisa Ackerman Every year, I am full of excitement; it’s not a major holiday or my birthday, but it is absolutely my favorite time of the year. It is PICNIC TIME! I am happy to share with you the upcoming 10th Annual Family Picnic on Sunday, June 2nd at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim,... Continue Reading →

Soup Nazi meets a soup nazi?

By Lisa Ackerman At TACA, during the long hours some pretty funny things occasionally happen. Monday was definitely one of those fun days. In April I wrote a blog called “No Soup for You” after the famous lines uttered by the iconic Soup Nazi from Seinfeld (1.)  The goal of the blog was to give... Continue Reading →

No Soup For You

By Lisa Ackerman This iconic Seinfeld show had many memorable moments. When I channel hop, I will often see re-runs and will stop and watch.  These are classics. I love ALL the characters. Among my favorite episodes is the one about the Soup Nazi.  This character has been a constant in my autism journey. I... Continue Reading →

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