Who Says Allergy Free Cooking has to be HARD

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By Lisa Ackerman

Cooking for your family can be a challenge! I know! Each parent is doing a thousand things every day and cooking just seems like the last priority on the list.  Then there is the age ol’ problem ‘ WHATS FOR DINNER!??’

One of the most important things to me and my mission for families is: We have to make good nutrition  a priority. Think of me as a Jamie Oliver like person for the autism community. The facts are simple: the food supply and what is offered as “convenience foods” can be harmful and less nutritious. This can be especially hard for medically fragile or allergy prone children. At TACA, we want to help you find a way to avoid allergies and make good quality food using organic ingredients for your entire family.

Then sometimes we run out of dishes and get in a rut on our food choices.  New ideas can for meals be hard. Easing in nutritious allergy free foods into the mouths of babes can cause someone to drink more than that should.  Then there is sometimes you just don’t know where to start! This blog is for you!

Here are the great tools on getting started on your allergy free cooking journey:

Enjoy these money saving tips:

Here are the some great tools to refresh your kitchen with new meal ideas:

Then there is the refining of the allergy diet – next steps and tips:

It is our goal to support you and the health and well being of your family! Going old fashion in our cooking and food selection is a great way to show your family how much you love them! Enjoy.

Mac and no chese E smile

(Featured are Lisa Ackerman and Kristin Selby Gonzalez – cooking with friends can be fun!)

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