Keahi: Label him FANTASTIC!

By Lisa Ackerman

TACA marvels at individuals who can overcome huge obstacles. We look to these individuals for inspiration and guidance while we live with autism and often worry about the kids’ future.

Here is one family’s story in Hawaii about their beloved son Keahi:

Keahi is taking amazing steps toward a bright future. The autism label does not need to define the future for any individual. He is a shining example of that reality!

A TACA parent recently shared a quote with me that exemplifies Keahi’s journey:

Autism: The hand life deals you is not nearly as important as they way you play it.

I am so inspired by these stories of hope, overcoming obstacles and recovery from autism.  Keahi will be speaking and sharing his story at a TACA Hawaii meeting coming up in November.

At TACA we collect these stories. We are working hard to find them in our archives of letters and emails. Our goal is to share them with families as motivation that a diagnosis does not define an outcome.

Other TACANowblog stories of inspiration include:

Stories personally related by teens with autism:

–          Matt, Joey, Zach & Steven stories featured in a recent Oakley video effort: (Note: Matt is a teen similar to Keahi sharing his story – please check Matt out as well!)

–          Andrew:

Stories written by families on TACAnowblog:

–          Baxter:

–          Ethan

–          Janice’s son:

–          Quinn:

We will be including more family stories at this link soon.  It is our honor to share these with you.

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