Meet Ethan & the concept of recovery

Sometimes somethings don’t need a long description or introduction. Meet Ethan. He’s in second grade. He used to have autism.




More recovery stories can be found on the TACA website:

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  1. Our boys DEWAYNE AND JARED, have Autism, they were infected by the MMR shot Immediately( 15 minutes( within were very sick for abought 3wks) (We are MANY!) We found TACA!( THANK YOU TACA!!!!!) TACA sent us pages of nutritious brands of foods,( Yes I was overwhelmed!) but with their help,It was easier to find these foods, they also taught us to Label read! We have much better eye contact and response to verbal commands( PLEASE PICK-Up your toys, time for dinner, school, homework Ect.) and Interaction( games!) Dewayne is in the top of his class, he can count to100, write his Name, play video games, sports( basketball, baseball, soccer, Fly kites very high, rides his new 4wheeler with brother, and can now ride his bike without training wheels( had grandpa take training wheels off) and read a 4 page book( by himself on Sept 25,2012) for the 1st time!Loves to Fish with Daddy(caught a fish by himself) and rode on Daddy’s motorcycle to the store, and set up a Lemonaide stand and made $14.00( during garage sale).and made cupcakes(strawberry) for his class( Valentines)!And as of this week, can now drive the John Deer mower and switch gears! He and his brother planted the garden this year and help pick vegetables and Apples! Jared loves to play, sing and dances! He is trying to talk, and calls for Daddeee every night, he is fast catching up, Lots of hugs and kisses, Loves Wonder Pets and is starting to trace his name!( Yeah!!)These little ANGELS are very close ,and Dewayne always includes Jared everywhere we go. They are in the book from HEARTACHE TO HOPE,families living with Autism in middle TENNESSEE. Everyday is better, and although we are not completely Moved out of AUTISM, we now have Hope! A drastic change in our lives, that teaches us more understanding, patience within and Compassion towards others! From now on: It’s all about the children. Iam sending out a prayer, to touch those who may need a little LOVE right now, you have been blessed with an incredible child,never forget that! and things will change for the better! GOD BLESS!

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