Why not cure #autism?

By Lisa Ackerman An article was published recently titled Why Aren’t We trying To Cure Autism? (1.) This article spoke to me. Why is an autism cure such a taboo? We want a cure for everything for those who want a cure, right? I would love to talk about curing autism. The reality for many... Continue Reading →

Danger Can Come with a Change of Seasons – 2015

By Lisa Ackerman We shared this article in June 2014. Each summer we need to share this information again. The reason why:  in less than 10 days 8 children with autism ages 5-26 have wandered from a safe environment and died. Please read and share. You never know the life you may save. ============================== Original article For... Continue Reading →

Danger can come with the change in seasons

By Lisa Ackerman For many families summer is filled with fun activities, vacations and almost always involves WATER! This sounds fun. And it is fun! I have fond memories of summer time shenanigans with my family and friends. For families living with autism the summer season can be the exact opposite of fun. It can... Continue Reading →

Rest in Peace Avonte

By Lisa Ackerman For months we have been watching and waiting receive a positive outcome for Avonte Oquendo. Avonte was last seen on October 4, 2013 when he left his school. He was non verbal and diagnosed with autism. Sadly, remains found this past week were identified to be Avonte’s. His remains were found 11... Continue Reading →

She Must Really Like Kids

By Lisa Ackerman As the family walked away I heard Kenny say “She must really like kids.” He’s right, I do.  If I am at a conference, gathering or event and there are kids around, you can find me interacting with the kids.  I like hanging out, chatting and playing with them.  You could say... Continue Reading →

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