Thanks 2015 and Hello 2016

by Lisa Ackerman It’s the end of another year, 2015 is almost gone! Um…. That went fast!! Where did time go? (I know I write a variation of this every year. But I am serious about the time flying part!) As usual, TACA was a blur of constant activity this past year; helping families, building... Continue Reading →

Need help now? Please wait FIVE MORE YEARS!

By Holly Bortfeld The US Government has spent $1.7 Billion dollars in your child’s name under the Combating Autism Act (aka The CAA). Do you feel your child has benefitted from any of that money? “How about all of the new treatments that money created?” Nope, not one. “How about the deep cuts in prevalence?”... Continue Reading →

Who is Dr. Bernard Rimland?

By Lisa Ackerman I am an old timer.  Jeff was diagnosed with autism in 1998. Some folks have more time in this journey while others have less.  There are several reasons why my family formed TACA; first, my son Jeff and the other was Bernie. Who is Bernie?  Bernie was like an uncle to me;... Continue Reading →

Heroes wanted

By Lisa Ackerman Think autism or disabilities is uncommon? Think again. We are all one step away from a disability. 15% of the world population have a disability. Be grateful for what you have. If you do not have a disability or don't have loved ones with disabilities there by the grace of God you go.... Continue Reading →

Autism: It takes an entire family

by Guest Blogger:  Nancy Cook A Grandmother’s Journey Everyone talks about being a mother and how devastating it is when your child diagnosed with autism.  I bring a different perspective, that of a grandmother.  My grandson was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at 3.  That day I not only lost my grandson, but I lost... Continue Reading →

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