Why support/give your money to TACA?

  By Christi O’Neal TACA Georgia Volunteer Co-coordinator   I love Friends and Family TACA Fundraising time of the year. It’s funny because I hate asking people for money. But I’ve found that by looking through old photos, like I did last year to thank people for their support, that it is like a little... Continue Reading →

They Blinded Me with SCIENCE

By Lisa Ackerman In 1998, when my son was first diagnosed with autism, I was one of the early internet subscribers. The internet was just born and I would dial in. I would hear the loud squawks of my modem and would then start looking at research and treatments for autism. It was a desert... Continue Reading →

Autism Action Month: Get activated!

By Lisa Ackerman Autism affects so many people that the month of April has been designated to help with increasing its awareness. To kick off autism action month TACA has a plan to build awareness with activation with a press release, social media and campaign plan to support TACA’s mission and families living with autism (1.) This... Continue Reading →

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