Autism Action Month: Get activated!


By Lisa Ackerman

Autism affects so many people that the month of April has been designated to help with increasing its awareness. To kick off autism action month TACA has a plan to build awareness with activation with a press release, social media and campaign plan to support TACA’s mission and families living with autism (1.)

This is my 13th April as a parent of a child diagnosed with autism. I am painfully aware. Whatever the statistic, my son is now one of the 1 in 50 or 1 in 88  in the U.S. living with autism (2.) Both numbers are terrifying.  Won’t you take action to help? We need your help more than ever. Please don’t put this important effort off to get to it later. It’s time to ACTIVATE.

If you are a parent and have too much on your plate, please reach out to ask for help. Please share this post with a family member, friend or neighbor and ask them to engage to help TACA and support autism in honor of your child.  We must take the opportunity to drive change for our children.  It is time to ACTIVATE.



1)      April is Autism Action Month

2)      Autism affects 1 in 50

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