Beyond Awareness in April: Autism ACTION Month


By Lisa Ackerman

April is Autism Awareness Month or as we like to call it- Autism Action Month.  If you are one of the many families living with autism you don’t need the awareness, but all of us need the unified action of our community.

At TACA, we dedicate our time and energy to helping families.  Our goal is for every family to understand and learn more about autism.  Knowledge is powerful and collectively we fight for every child living with this condition.

During the month of April, we are asking every one of our members to help raise the awareness of autism and inspire everyone you know to help TACA.  Let’s educate our circle of friends, neighbors and co-workers, and help them learn more about autism and how it affects your family.

Please take the time to read, write and talk to groups at schools, churches, local government, businesses and organizations.   With just a little time and effort, you can make a difference.  Remember, you are an essential piece of this puzzle and you can drive positive change for your family and your community.

This is my 12th autism awareness month.  I know that families living with autism needs are beyond awareness; we want action that will drive change and find solutions.  In April, many of our TACA members, families, friends and employers will be in our community raising awareness with the goal of creating change locally. We want your help.

Encourage your circle of friends to become more aware and educated about autism and allow them to show their support. Ask them to PLEASE help.  There is much work to do beyond the thirty days of April.

We want every community to become actively involved in making a difference every single day of the year.  Yes, many have said it takes a village…  We are here and won’t give up for the sake of every generation living with autism.

To find ways to participate and make this year’s Autism Action Month count

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