Determining progress: A great tool for families & clinicians

By Lisa Ackerman


The Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC) is a great tool for clinicians and parents to evaluate treatments based on autistic symptoms. ATEC scores collected from thousands of families yield important clues to common treatments for ASD.

Autism Research Institute has been collecting more than 26,000 parent surveys on common treatments. To see the Treatment Ratings for Autism by parents click here

Parents can use the ATEC multiple times a year. This can serve as a tool to measure and track progress year after year. It takes only minutes to fill out the online survey before you start a treatment, supplement, medication or therapy and then fill it out again after intervention is under way. Families then can share the results with your medical & therapeutic team.

Here is the link to this free tool:

I remember performing my first ATEC for my son Jeff. This was back in 2001. When he started his medical treatments, therapies and dietary intervention his score was 106.  Today, Jeff’s score is between a 9-12. It is a wonderful tool to watch the numbers go down after Jeff therapies and medical treatments started to make a big difference in his life.   Hard work by parent AND CHILD does indeed pay off.

For more details on treating autism through medical intervention please see:

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