Season 1 Episode #12: TACA Chapters Preview

Welcome to the first podcast of 2017! We are so excited about all that this year holds and the amazing programs, events, and resources that we are going to be able to offer all the amazing TACA families in this new year. Today we have the privilege of highlighting one of the core programs of TACA: Chapters. Over the last several years we have seen chapter growth multiply and each year we are seeing multiple new chapters with incredible volunteer leaders and mentors that truly are making a difference.


You are going to love hearing from two of our newest chapter coordinators, Tyler Dahm and Tiffany Jenkins (Both from the Colorado chapter). They graciously came to talk with us along with Jackie Moore (who was featured on episode #3 of the podcast, if you missed that go back and listen).


The Colorado Chapter Coordinators: Tiffany Jenkins, Tyler Dahm, and Sarah Carrasco



We loved hearing about how Tyler and Tiffany found TACA and why they decided to get involved and start giving back. Also, the insight into how a coffee talk looks and feels is priceless for those who are thinking about attending a coffee talk in 2017. Don’t be nervous, the parents at TACA have a passion and heart to help you along your journey, no matter where you are on the path. Jackie did an amazing job talking about the heart of chapters and volunteers with TACA and it will encourage you to remember that everyone is alongside you and they are determined to help you.


So go ahead and grab your coffee, turn up the treadmill, or get your grocery list out and let’s get going…enjoy the conversation with Tyler, Tiffany, and Jackie.



Show Notes: 

Real Help Now Atlanta February 25th, 2017




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TACA Resources:

Find Chapter Locations

Check out a local Coffee Talk in your area for the New Year.
Looking for some one on one encouragement and help along your journey? Check out our mentor program.

Sign Up for a Mentor

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