Summertime Series Part 5: What’s for Dinner? 

We hope this 5 part series has helped you get your child eating healthier without gluten, casein or soy. Here’s why: Research on the GFCF Diet showed 65% of children with autism improved. Additionally, research on the GFCFSF (including Soy-free) Diet showed 91% improved. These odds are too good to ignore.


TACA’s got you covered.


Our best advice: PLAN AHEAD


You don’t need fancy equipment but a popular item among TACA families is the crockpot.


A few TACA Family Favorites to get you started

Spaghetti and Sauce

Roast Beef, Baked Potatoes, and a Veggie

BBQ Chicken with Corn on the Cob

Ribs (finger food!), Cauliflower Rice



After a few weeks on the diet, try GFCFSF Pizza. GFCFSF Tacos can be pretty tasty if you add a little extra pico, guacamole or sauce to make up for missing the cheese.


Things may get worse before they get better. Your child may exhibit increased behaviors when you first remove gluten, casein, and soy from his/her diet.


It’s more expensive to buy pre-made food. But it’s nice to have it on hand when you’re pressed for time. If someone asks “Is there anything I can do to help?” Mention they could buy a few pre-made snacks or meals for your child. This is the next best thing to overnight babysitting and buying some store-bought GFCFSF Cookies will seem like a great option if you suggest overnight babysitting. HA!


Remember that you don’t get “extra credit” for serving a large variety of foods. Find what your child likes and make it over and over. The most important thing when you’re starting is to have your child on the diet.


A high percentage of kids improve when their diet is cleaned up. Hopefully, your child is within this percentage. Some of the symptoms that can improve when gluten, casein, and soy are removed are sleep issues, tantrums, challenging behaviors including self-injury.


To wrap up this post we have a fun EXTRA from our friends at Well Amy. We have a new series that will officially launch next week, but here is a quick pre-launch sneak peek into the amazing recipes/videos that we will be featuring on the blog! So, watch and learn below from our very own Lisa Ackerman and Amy Hull-Brown from Well Amy! Also—we have the amazing opportunity to kick-start your diet with Well Amy’s starter kit!

We hope that this series encouraged you, equipped you in a few fun and new ways, and inspired you to keep trying new things!

Have a wonderful day, friends!


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