Season 1 Episode #4- Tracey Hengehold

 Welcome to another episode of Autism: Hope in Action! This is an expansion of our intentional dialogue that we long to have with families around the country about the life, challenges, triumphs, best practices, and best therapies that exist today. It is our hope that we will be able to reach more families, spread hope in new ways and encourage all of you through the podcast! We are aiming to interview a variety of different experts, family members and friends who will be able to share their unique experience with Autism and encourage all of us to think outside the box, push ourselves (even when we want to give up), and believe that anything is possible for our kids!
Tracey and her son Matthew
This week we are grateful to have Tracey Hengehold from Orange County, California with us this week. Tracey has been a part of TACA for many many years and now works at TACA as the Event and Development Manager. She does an incredible job supporting and leading the team for events around California and she leads the charge for our annual TACA Picnic (more on that later)! Tracey is someone who will make you laugh and she will quickly become a part of your tribe if you stick around long enough. She is passionate about giving back and really sees her service to TACA as a part of her continued journey with Autism.
You will love hearing her story as she shares about her son Matthew. **Spoiler alert he is just finishing his first year in college and is killing it!** We were so encouraged as she shared the various methods and treatments that she implemented with Matthew and to actually hear what worked and why. We also loved hearing the intentional advice to not bite off too much at a time when you are trying to figure everything out. Probably the best piece of advice that Tracey gave was to any parents looking at autism in the rearview mirror. She encouraged parents to stay connected to the autism community and to give back—it will motivate you to make a difference!
Below you will see links to the chapter page on the national website and the events page for more information about things going on in your area to plug into this summer. She also encouraged families to sign up for a mentor, the process is simple and we at TACA strive to pair each family up with a mentor that can really encourage and resource them in their journey.  
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TACA Resources: 
And if you are in Southern California we talked about the picnic—don’t miss it, with this added bonus of a Meet & Greet with some of the best practitioners out there—it is more than worth the time to get there and have some family fun and learn in the community!

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