The Autism Community needs someone like Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

By Lisa Ackerman


Martin Luther King Jr. means something special to this generation as he did to the ones before us. He was a true inspiration that continues to inspire many today.

In honor of his birthday children in school get a holiday in his honor. Adults should re-read some of his speeches and be reminded of his leadership (1.)

I look at Martin Luther King Jr almost everyday. Some heroes help guide me every day (2.) We all need some inspiration to drive missions forward.


(Inspiration photos in the TACA kitchen)

Even decades later his iconic speeches have a way to motivate individuals to positive action. These speeches and important messages are greatly missed. What this world today needs is another Martin Luther King Jr. Selfishly I want this new icon something like Martin Luther to focus on autism.

Happy birthday Martin Luther. Thanks for making a path.



(republished from the TACA now blog January 2013)

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