Autism Speaks 2nd Annual National Conference


By Lisa Ackerman

About 2 1/2 weeks ago, TACA’s application to exhibit at the 2nd Annual National Autism Speaks conference was approved. I was excited and arranged travel to go.

The conference had approximately 350 total in attendance at the Hilton in Columbus Ohio. The effort took place over two days.

The attendees were made up almost equally 1/2 Physicians and clinicians and 1/2 were parents of children living with autism. Based on the raising of hands most of the parents had children 13 years & younger represented the largest group of over 80%.

I loved meeting over 50 families who were in attendance of their first conference. I ran out of almost all my parent ed materials by the first day.

I’ve taken pages of notes. I’ll be reviewing them and typing up a part 2 of this blog later this week.

A few questions for TACA families: What conferences do you go to and why? What’s missing in the conferences you’ve attended?

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  1. Lisa, I love the “Autism Speaks—It’s time to listen.”


    Do you have a link to this message?


  2. Thank you Lisa for sharing, caring and for asking…What is missing is more information geared to our adult children with autism. We the paremts of adult children with autism are the “veterans of war against autism.” I for one, have not given up. We need more resources and support for this age group (20-40) population. Meghan’s mom

  3. I could not agree more. How can you have a conference so overwhelming, clearly leaving out people living with this in real time? The most well-attended sessions at ASA were the ones by people with ASD–people who can speak about years of not having language, or struggling to stay regulated, or living misdiagnosed for a lifetime because of gender. I know Dr. Shore represented well, but there needs to be a greater presence not only of people with autism, but people with ASD who are also professionals like Stephen, that can blend research, study and life together.

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