Celebrate Autism?

By Lisa Ackerman

I’m seeing many messages from around the world where people are preparing for Autism Awareness Month.  Autism affects so many people that the month of April has been designated to help with increasing its awareness.

Some of the messaging being sent out includes “celebrate autism.”  I don’t have a cute picture for this blog.

I know there is a lot to celebrate. However, I celebrate the child, not the label.  I celebrate how hard they work every day.  I celebrate each and every one their accomplishments. I celebrate them;  I do NOT celebrate autism.

1 in every 50 U.S. Children has autism (1.) Many struggle with many medical and severe behavioral issues. Families face many challenges in obtaining help for their children. Does anyone know another month where we celebrate a label, disease or disorder? I’d like to know.

Let’s build awareness through action. Here is how you can make a difference https://www.tacanow.org/ways-to-help/autism-awareness/.

This April, e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e needs to build awareness that activates. We can save the celebration once positive change demonstrates TACA isn’t needed anymore.


1) http://www.tacanow.org/news/cdc-new-autism-survey-autism-now-affects-1-in-every-50/

12 thoughts on “Celebrate Autism?

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  1. I’m right there with each and every single one of you! I get upset when people tell me that god made autistic children so we could have angels in disguise on earth. God would never make children suffer because we need angels on earth! Yes I love my son more than anything and I will do just about anything to make sure he is taken care of but I despise his autism with every inch in my body. My son gave me patience and a new outlook on the world. Autism made a deep seated frustration that has brought many nights of crying and many days wishing that my friends and family would just understand what I go through 24/7 when taking care of my son. Let alone I wish people knew the struggle he has to go through with the simplest things that most people take for granted. I will never celebrate autism. I celebrate how much son made me a better person and inspires me everyday. I despise autism and the amount of hell it has put me and my family through the past few years!

  2. I love my child, but I despise Autism. Those that may consider it a gift most likely do not have it as severe as my daughter does. Due to her Autism she will most likely never be able to make her own decisions, live on her own, or even talk…that is no gift. Hopefully, one day we can find a cure.

  3. I had to delete one Autistic blogger off my facebook as she’d rage on against finding a cure for Autism as if it would erase her personality…how she was a happy autistic. That’s all good and fine for her, however don’t be against a cure for everyone. A cure can be optional. Not everyone is a “happy” autistic. Sure if you are the next Einstein, or Temple Grandin, or just a little quirky, then yes…celebrate your Autism. However…if your autism keeps you from communicating, causes you to punch your face in until you are black and blue, and takes away any chance at future independence….tell me exactly how one should celebrate that?

    1. I agree! My son’s autism is nothing to celebrate. He wants to talk to us and ask us for his favorite things instead of having us guess and maybe get it wrong. He doesn’t want to have stomach pain and tantrums, I’m sure it would feel much better to go to the bathroom on the potty instead of wearing a diaper at 9 years old 😦 My son’s autism is much different from asperger’s. My son bites chunks of flesh out of his own hands. He’s to the point he has to have restraints on when he’s not eating or sleeping. This is nothing to celebrate. Celebrate aspergers, by all means if it helps you feel better, but leave my son’s autism out of it!

  4. I disagree with this article. It makes me feel lousy about myself having Asperger’s, and I have no reason to. I am strong and self-confident and independent enough to take the GOOD things from Asperger’s and use them to overcome the negatives. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    1. Hi there. The intent of this blog IS NEVER to make someone feel lousy.

      Based on your note I would say: I would celebrate you and what you have accomplished and continue to accomplish. I would not celebrate you have a label of “Asperger’s.” To me the subtle difference is huge.

      Thank you for writing in.

  5. I can’t stand autism! My son is trapped in his body. We see glimpses of speech and his personality he was born with, but in a flash-it’s gone. I have put out tens of thousands in treatments. My marriage is stronger-that is the only positive thing that came out of my decision to give my two year old antibiotics seven years ago. I want to reverse time and shake myself. Thank goodness I never vaccinated my kids. Ironically, I was scared of autism, so I opted out of vaccines. Who knows what would’ve happened. Now we have some hope where there may have been none.

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