Tell Congress. Share YOUR autism story.

By Lisa Ackerman

Even though the DC Autism hearing occurred last week in congress there is still a chance to have your voice heard. You can submit your testimony to be part of the public record.

Autism Action Alert - Send letters by 12-6-12 at 5pmEST

You have until December 6, 2012 by 5pm EST to submit your testimony. Please email the testimony to:

What & when was the DC Autism Hearing?

DC Autism Hearing Summary & C-Span Links:

After submitting your testimony, we have two calls to action for families:

Step One:  Call Congressman Darrell Issa and thank him for making the autism hearing possible. Please ask for additional autism hearings.  Phone (760) 599-5000.

Step Two: please call your congressional representative and let them know how important future hearings are to your family. Don’t know your congressman? That’s easy! Find your congressman by ZIP Code here: Share your family’s story and testimony.   Have your representative contact Congressman Darrell Issa to get involved in future efforts.

This issue is hugely important to our families and the 1 in 88 can no longer wait. Thank you for taking the time to help.

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  1. I am father to 2 autistic adults ,1s ss is 22yo pdd dependant on me,2nd ss is 19yo aspie afraid to go to work,I am diabetic,i left my employment 10 years to care for these i don’t have an income coz my wife’s income and Eric’s #SSI goes for bills and foods ,i became an affiliate for #AutismFriendlyBusinessLLC it is slow going but i’m learning.

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