Gone Fishin’…

Balance.  Family time.  Pedicure.  All things I write about and rarely accomplish (see Dear Lisa post in the archive below.)  Well for the next two weeks, I am doing it and I’m forcing my family to tag along.  We are unplugging and getting away from it all.

By the time you read this we will be hours away from boarding a plane to Hawaii for much needed R&R.  The best part?  No business clothes allowed!  This is a family affair – me and the hubby, my little hero Jeff, and daughter Lauren with her newlywed husband Ryan.  Ryan is a welcome addition to our family, especially for Jeff since his cool new brother-in-law likes to teach him pick up lines (perhaps the ones that helped him score my daughter?  I will have to ask and report back later.)  That should come in handy on a tropical beach.

To TACA families everywhere – I’m not writing this to brag (although I am stoked to be leaving) but as a reminder.  You HAVE to remember to do something for YOU, if not today than in the very near future.  It can be something simple – grab coffee with a friend, get that manicure/pedicure, go on a “man” date, watch a PG or R rated movie with someone special that features real people (no cartoon characters!) while holding hands, simply breathe in your surroundings rather than racing through them on your way to the next appointment.

Breathe……It’s good for you.  Life is already full of jam-packed schedules and long to-do lists before you throw living with autism in the mix!  You have got to refuel and recharge.

Go back to my previous “10 ways to help a family living with autism” blog and order up a #6!

Babysitting –it’s a beautiful word isn’t it? Go back to your trusted family and/or friends, the ones that get the challenges of ASD and ASK. It doesn’t need to be for a week, maybe just a few hours.  Don’t be afraid.  It’s summer for our kids so they get a break.  You should get one too.

Ask. For.  Help………  It’s ok.  No really, it is.

And if you are a friend or family member who loves a child living with autism, and you are reading this, please reach out and offer a little love and support to the parents.  It is a wonderful gift, it won’t cost you any money and it will be greatly appreciated and needed.

As for me, well I’ve gone fishing.  I will be connecting with those I love, refueling, recharging and enjoying this life.  I will be back to tackle the mile long to do list later this month.  Maybe…..

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  1. We canceled all therapy for 2 weeks this summer to stay at the lake. The therapists commented that the lake would be better than any therapy they could provide. That’s all I needed to hear! Loved “Gone Fishin”, thanks for the written words.

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